Bringing Your Daily Garden to You

We’ve set out to prove that a healthier employee is a happier employee, and a happier employee is a more productive employee.

Wise Goodies delivers individually packaged vegetables, fruit and coconut water directly to your office. 

Wise Goodies will provide you with a compact fridge, free of charge. This fridge will be regularly stocked with our healthy, fresh, delicious snacks for your staff to enjoy. 


Do Good to do Well

We believe in a ‘do good to do well’ approach to business. Wise Goodies employs highly capable, extremely hard-working, developmentally disabled individuals to deliver all of our products. Furthermore, all unconsumed Wise Goodies snacks are delivered to children’s group homes and shelters.


The Goal

Our vision is for Wise Goodies to become the solution to the health & wellness challenges facing North American workers each and every day. By the fall of 2016, our services will expand to providing our corporate partners with nutritionists, yogis and personal trainers for both group and one-to-one consultations and services. In 2017, we will be offering unique turnkey health and wellness retreats.